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Daily Bulletin

Happy FRIDAY Timberwolves!

No school today - teacher workshop day!

Calendar Reminder and Trimester 2 Schedules - please check Skyward!

Please note there are quite a few students who have schedule adjustments that had to be made going into Trimester 2, so ALL students are encouraged to check their schedules in Skyward for updates starting today.  If a student notices schedule changes, they should check out the Canvas or Google Classroom pages for their new teachers or new class periods to be sure they have the proper Zoom links for when Trimester 2 begins on Monday, Dec. 7th. Again, ALL students should check their schedules in Skyward this Friday for Trimester 2 to be sure they have any updated Zoom codes ready to go for next Monday, Dec. 7th.

thanks to everyone who came and played kahoot yesterday! it was so much fun!

6th Grade Science Materials 

Teachers of 6th grade Science classes will have materials kits to distribute to students enrolled in 6th grade Science for Trimester 2. Kits were distributed on Wednesday. If you still need a kit, you may come to the building any day Mon-Fri between 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. and someone will be available to assist you.

Changes with “Zoom” security for students starting Monday, Nov. 23rd

The district is implementing an option to help keep zoom classes more secure for secondary students.  Beginning Monday, November 23rd, your student may notice a change when attempting to join their class via zoom if their teacher is choosing to use this new option. In order for students to access their classes via zoom, they click on the zoom link for their class, then will need to sign-in to the Renton School District portal. They may need to click “Sign in to Join,” if prompted.  To sign in, they use the same email address and password used then they log into their Chromebook.  Here is a link to the instructions: updated info.  If students are using their own device/phone, please refer to page 3 in the embedded instructions.  Please contact the main office if your student is unable to login so we can help.

Yearbooks Still Available for Sale

We have about 50 yearbooks from last year (2019-20 school year) still available for purchase for $30. Purchases may be made through InTouch online or by contacting Deena Davis at

PTA Website and Membership

We encourage all Risdon families to sign up to become Risdon PTA members.  Please use this link to access more information, thanks!