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Risdon Clubs

Here is a list of clubs that are currently active at Risdon. Clubs can be formed at anytime during the school year. If your student would like to form a club, please have them talk to the ASB Office. 

Clubs do not meet when there is no school or half days. Please look at the calendar to see their schedule. 

Risdon Clubs continue to provide fun, supportive experiences for students after school. All clubs are initiated and organized by Risdon students, and supervised by Risdon staff.   All students are welcome to attend and join any ASB club, and will need to have an ASB card in order to participate. The full list of Risdon Clubs, advisers, and room locations is below.  Those who regularly ride the school bus can take the Activity Buses home on club days: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  The buses leave Risdon after 4 pm on these days. 














Art Club Thursday Mr. Majors 141
Bike Club Various Ms. Saelens M236
Black Student Union Monday Ms. Pender Library
Chess Club Tuesday & Thursday Mr. Romine/Ms. Slone F253/R162
Creative Writing Club Monday (every other week) Ms. Slone R162
D & D Club Thursday Ms. Slone R162
Drama Club Monday, Tuesday & Thursday M. Goulter-Dunn, Ms. Gaither Stage/Commons
Gamers Club Tuesday Mr. Munoz R160
Hockey Club Monday Mr. Majors 141
Makers Club   Mr. Clark, Ms. Wilson 187
Practice Club Tuesday Ms. Ewing 150
Robotics Club   Ms. Wolfe, Ms. Peach, Ms. Hammond M243