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RMS Sports Information

Athletics Frequently Asked Questions

What sports are available at Risdon?

In middle school there are four different sport seasons. Risdon offers the following sports:

September – October: Boys and Girls Soccer
November – January: Boys and Girls Basketball
January – March: Boys and Girls Wrestling; Girls Volleyball
April – June: Boys and Girls Track, Boys Flag Football

Which teams may have cuts?  

Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and Flag Football are typically cut sports depending on the number of students who try out for each team. Track and Wrestling are not cut sports.

How do I register for sports at Risdon?

ALL sports registrations are done online. Visit to register. All students must be registered by the listed deadline to be eligible for that sport. Deadlines to register for sports can be found on the RMS Athletics webpage and will be announced in the Risdon Daily Bulletin. To ensure student athletes can participate in try-outs and/or the first practice, registration should be completed online a minimum of one week before the deadline.

Are sports physicals required?

Sports physicals are highly recommended for middle school sports, but are not required.

Are there any sports fees?

Students must clear all fines prior to the start of the season and purchase an 2019/2020 Risdon ASB Card. ASB Cards are available for purchase from the ASB Secretary once school starts.

To purchase an ASB card online you may access the online payment screen at Your user name is your student’s ID # and the password is the student’s last name (ALL IN CAPS).  Please do not log in as a guest.

Are there any other requirements?

Good grades, little or no discipline, and regular attendance are also required to participate in sports. Please review the Risdon Middle School Handbook for further information.

When are practices held?

Practice times for all sports are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after school from 2:40-4 pm. Activity buses are provided for students who normally ride the bus to and from school.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact Michele Duppenthaler in the ASB office at 425-204-2752 or email