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Becca Bill


  • Washington State law requires that all students above a specific age attend school on a regular basis. Excessive absences, including a pattern of excused absences, may constitute cause for referral to the BECCA process.

    In order to comply with district policy and state law, when a student has seven (7) unexcused absences, the school will petition the Juvenile Court System to seek mandatory attendance by a student.


  • In 1995, the Washington State Legislature enacted a law which provides support to parents of children who have run away and/or are out of parental control.

    After the first truancy (unexcused absence), parents are notified by an automated phone call. If the absence was excused, the parent will need to provide the reason for the absence in a written note so that the attendance record can be corrected. After the second truancy, a letter will be sent home to serve as written notification of the truancy. After the seventh truancy, the school district is required to file a BECCA petition with juvenile court.