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Tardies and Truancy

Tardy to Class

  • Being late for a class is a tardy. There are four minutes of passing time between each period, which
    allows ample time to travel from class to class. Consequences for tardies are listed below. Excessive
    tardies may ultimately lead to the initiation of a BECCA petition. The following interventions for tardies will
    be followed:


    Tardy Number Consequence
    1st tardy Verbal warning and reminder of expectations by teacher.
    2nd tardy Verbal warning, reminder, and communicate to parent/family.
    3rd tardy Teacher assigns 1 detention, communicates to parent/family.
    4th tardy Teacher assigns 2 detentions, calls parent/family, submits incident form to document.
    5th tardy Incident form to admin/dean, admin assigns 1 after-school detention and 5 lunch
    detentions, contacts family.
    6th tardy Loss of “good standing” status, incident form to admin/dean, parent/student/admin
    conference, admin/dean assigns after-school consequences.
    7th tardy Admin assigns 1 day of ISS, parent contact.



  • Truancy is defined as any unauthorized or willful absence from school, class, or scheduled activity during any
    part of the school day. Families will be notified of student truancies from school or class via School Messenger.
    Truancies will result in disciplinary action.
    Examples of truancies include, but are not limited to:

    • No phone call or written note provided following an absence
    • Skipping class
    • Leaving class or campus without properly checking out
    • Not in school assembly, meeting, or planned activity when assigned
    • Loitering in halls, restrooms, or outside building during assigned class time
    • Using a hall pass inappropriately


    The following interventions for truancies will be followed:

    1st truancy Assign detention, call home from Attendance Secretary
    2nd truancy Assign detention AND 5 lunch detentions, call home from administrator/dean
    3rd truancy Loss of “good standing