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On behalf of the Renton School District and all the staff at Risdon Middle School, welcome to our school's website! We hope that the information provided online is useful to you.

Our vision as a school community is to "Foster curious, capable, courageous, compassionate learners."  We strive to engage students in learning experiences that stretch their thinking and support their growth as well-rounded participants in society, while also pushing them to take ownership of their learning as they progress through middle school and prepare for the rigors of high school and beyond.  We believe in nine core elements that drive our daily mission with students and families:

  • ensure a safe and welcoming environment,
  • engage learners in rigorous academic experiences,
  • use inclusive practices to value the potential within each learner,
  • support mindful decision-making,
  • broaden each learner's perspective of self and community,
  • embrace taking risks and learning from mistakes as part of a growth mindset,
  • inspire integrity in all members of our school community,
  • build collaborative relationships,
  • honor each contribution to our collective success.

We have an excellent partnership with our Risdon PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) and feel fortunate to have their support of students and staff.  I encourage you to join our PTA in order to connect with other RMS families and stay connected to events throughout the coming year. We also welcome all parents to complete the volunteer screening application and volunteer in our school as part of the Gamma Pack.

We post our daily bulletin online, which is another way to keep up with everything going on at RMS.  If you have any questions, please know you are welcome to reach me via phone at (425) 204-2700, or via email at  Once again, welcome to Risdon Middle School!


Kandi Ellis

Principal, Risdon Middle School